The Cosmology of Eberron

The Legend

At the dawn of time, called the Age of Dragons, three progenitor dragons fought. Proud Siberys was slain by dark Khyber, who was in turn bound by vibrant Eberron. The scattered remains of Siberys, the Dragon Above, became the ring that encircles the world. The body of Eberron, the Dragon Between, formed the seas and continents. Under the surface, the bones and blood of Khyber, the Dragon Below, formed labyrinthine passages…

Eberron, the Dragon Between

While the name of the material world is also Eberron, the name of the Dragon Between also applies to several planes that are closely tied to the Material World.

Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams: Said to be the plane where the people of the material world visit when they sleep, Dal Quor is also the home of the Quori. The Quori are mostly known as the benefactors and semi-religious deities of the people of Riedra.

Dolurrh, the Shadowfell: Dolurrh is the land of the dead, said to be the plane where all souls travel to when their mortal lives end on the Material World of Eberron. No angels or deities rule over the Shadowfell, but it is not without its own citizens…

Thelanis, the Feywild: Thelanis is home of the Fey, and is a source of untold beauty and arcane power. It became semi-linked with the Material World long ago when several of the fabled Fey Spires that outreach into different planes became permanently stuck in various places around the world of Eberron, ushering in the Fey as permanent residents of Eberron. While these Fey Spires no longer connect back to their beloved home plane, it is said that other fey spires begin to appear when Thelanis draws close to Eberron.

Syberis, the Dragon Above

While the Material World normally glances to the heavens and sees the Ring of Syberis and her twelve moons, legends hold that the Ring is simply a gateway to something beyond: The Sea of Syberis. Where the angels of the gods reside over powerful planes of reality suited to their needs.

Daanvi, the Perfect Order: Domain controlled by angels representing the gods of Aureon and Boldrei.

Irian, the Eternal Day: The Plane of Life. Controlled by Angels representing Dol Arrah and Dol Dorn.

Baator, The Nine Hells: The Plane of the Devils. Ruled by the Archdevil Asmodeus, who represents no god but claims to be one in the flesh.

Syrania, the Azure Sky: The hub of astral trade. Ruled by Angels representing Onatar, Olladra, and Kol Korran.

Mabar, the Endless Night: The Plane of Shadows. Ruled by angels representing the Mockery, The Shadow and The Keeper.

Lamannia, The Twilight Forest: The Plane of Nature. Controlled by angels representing Arawai, Balinor, and The Devourer.

Shavarath, The Battleground: Said to be the resting place of the dragon Syberis’ heart, Shavarath is controlled by no one instead it is constantly warred over by angels, devils and even the demons and primordials of the Chaos of Khyber.

Khyber, the Dragon Below

Below the surface of Eberron, in the dark places of the world, one may stumble upon the realm of Khyber. A world within the world, Khyber is a dark world inhabited by foul creatures trapped there from long ago. However, below the surface of Khyber something worse stirs: The Chaos of Khyber. The Chaos is a swirling tempest of elemental power said to be the very blood of the great wyrm.

Fernia, The Sea of Fire: The land and air burns, the sky fills with ash, churning lakes of lava, and at the center stands the City of Brass.

Risia, the Plain of Ice: Drifting amongst the Chaos is the massive glacier of Risia. Massive mountains of ice, frozen lakes, and streams where the air itself congealed under the fierce cold.

Kythri, the Churning Chaos: The great sea of Kytrhi is a tempest constantly stirring within the Chaos. No calm is to be found amongst the thrashing waves and unending storms.

The Cosmology of Eberron

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