The Drow are a race of dark skinned elves who are native to the continent of Xen’drik. They are easily identified by their extremely dark almost black skin and white hair. Legends of their origin date back to the Age of the Giants were it is said they were slaves of the giant created from elves that became trapped in the center of the empire on a feyspire.

The Drow are divided into three known tribes. The Vulkoori are the largest known tribe, and inhabit villages across the Xen’drik jungles. They worship Vulkoor – a scorpion diety.

The next tribe is the Umbragen. The Umbragen dwell the depths of Khyber beneath Xen’drik. The Umbragen are said to be powerful, growing in strength from the centuries living amongst the horrible nightmarish creatures of the Dragon Below. The Umbragen are said to worship a shadowy deity they call ‘Umbra’.

Finally, there are the Sulatar. The ‘Fire Binders’ as their name means in Giant. They dwell to the far south amongst the mountains. Worshipping no gods but only in ‘The Promise of Fire’ as they call it, the Sulatar are said to be masters of powerful elemental binding magic. The Sulatar are rumored to be unwelcome amongst the Umbragen and Vulkoori because they have stayed loyal to the teachings and philosophies of their ancient masters, the Giants.


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