Dragonmarked Houses

Hundreds of years ago, the first of the Dragonmarks appeared. Strange intricate tattoo like marks that appear on the bodies of some of the races of Eberron. With the blessing of the mark, these individuals found themselves to be able to perform astounding magical feats that lent themselves to various areas of influence. Those with the Marks and their bloodline & families formed the first of the Dragonmarked Houses.

The Dragonmarked Houses are powerful organizations controlled by the family and bloodline of those possessing a specific mark. During the Last War they rose to monopoly like control over different aspects of life in Khorvaire. Transportation, communication, manufacturing, medical services – all controlled by the Dragonmarked Houses.

The Houses are overseen by the Council of Twelve. A group of representatives from each house that serves as kind of overseers to help forge alliances and keep disputes at a minimum. They act as more or less the governing body of all the houses, as the sheer influence of the Houses hold such sway over things in Khorvaire that few actual governments would impose any law on them, less the Houses take their business elsewhere.

It is important to note that while only those with the Dragonmark have any real control in a House, it is not to say everyone involved in the house has a dragonmark. Many times relatives or in-laws of a dragonmarked individual may not manifest a dragonmark, although the Houses and the Twelve often encourage individuals who bear the same mark to marry and produce children with powerful marks of their own. (Having children between two members that have different marks is expressly forbidden, as it will likely produce an Aberrant Dragonmark – see below).

The Dragonmarked Houses all employ a large number of workers in their areas of influence that are not marked. They often seek to dominate the market by buying small businesses where they can. For the business owner, it’s often a hard choice. As being part of the House, they will have access to exclusive rituals and techniques that will expand their business, on the other hand control of the business and a good chunk of the profits go to the House.

The Dragonmarked Houses are listed below:

House Dragonmark Race Areas of Influence
House Cannith Mark of Making Humans Repair and Fabrication of material goods
House Deneith Mark of Sentinel Humans Bodyguards and Mercenaries
House Ghallanda Mark of Hospitality Halflings Inns, bars, entertainment venues, sanctuary
House Jorasco Mark of Healing Halflings Hospitals for mundane and magical healing
House Kundarak Mark of Warding Dwarves Banking, Loans, and Structural Protection.
House Lyrandar Mark of Storm Half-Elves Control of weather and seas, air or sea-based shipping and transportation.
House Medani Mark of Detection Half-Elves Investigation, prescience, and protection
House Orien Mark of Passage Human Land and some air transportation, postal and freight services, operates the Lightning Rail.
House Phiarlan Mark of Shadow Elves Arts and Entertainment services, espionage.*
House Thuranni Mark of Shadow Elves Arts and Entertainment services, espionage.*
House Sivis Mark of Scribibg Gnomes Diplomatic, translation and notary services. Communications network.
House Tharashk Mark of Finding Human and Half-Orcs Tracking, Bounty Hunters, and Mining operations (especially Dragonshard mining).
House Vadalis Mark of Handling Human Animal breeding and training.

*House Phiarlan and House Thuranni split some years ago over internal feuding. They both bear the same mark.

Tarkanan And The Abberant Marks: There is also House Tarkanan. Not recognized by the twelve, Tarkanan serves as a subservise and potential dangerous force. They are a House of Aberrant Dragonmarks. Strange, undocumented marks that have unpredictable and often dangerous potential to them. Years ago, the other Dragonmarked houses tried to kill off the Aberrant Dragonmarked during the War of the Mark. It was successful, for a time. But House Tarkanan is proof that the abberants are still out there.

Dragonmarked Houses

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