Character Creation

What follows are the guidelines for character creation for the campaign, please feel free to contact the DM with any questions. This campaign is designed to be run from level 11 to level 20. So your character will be starting at Level 11, and with a paragon path.


The following races are permitted:

  • Human
  • Dwarf
  • Eladrin
  • Elf
  • Halfling
  • Dragonborn
  • Drow
  • Half-Elf
  • Half-Orc
  • Tiefling
  • Gnomes (PHB2)
  • Goliath (PHB2)
  • Shifters (PHB2)
  • Changeling (EPG)
  • Kalashtar (EPG)
  • Warforged (EPG)

The following races require DM approval to use:

  • Deva
  • Hamadryad
  • Pixie
  • Satyr
  • Revenant
  • Shade
  • Vryloka
  • Genasi (FRPG)
  • Any other races not listed


Most class options are restricted to the use of Essentials or Post-Essentials versions of classes as well as the Eberron classes. For clarity, the original non-Essentials version of the class is in parantheses. These non-Essentials versions are NOT allowed choices. These include:

  • Artificer
  • Knight (Defender Fighter)
  • Slayer (Striker Fighter)
  • Thief (Rogue)
  • Mage (Wizard)
  • Warpriest (Melee Cleric)
  • Templar (Caster Cleric)
  • Marshall (Warlord)
  • Sentinel (Druid)
  • Protector (Druid)
  • Cavalier (Defender Paladin)
  • Blackguard (Striker Paladin)
  • Hunter (Ranger)
  • Scout (Ranger)
  • Hexblade (Warlock)
  • Binder (Warlock)
  • Berseker (Barbarian)
  • Skald (Bard)
  • Executioner (Assassin)
  • Elementalist (Sorcerer)

Any class NOT listed above will require DM approval. Yes that includes Vampires.

Ability Scores

We will not be using point buy for the ability scores this campaign. Instead we will be rolling for our stats using the following procedure:

1. Roll 4d6, if you may reroll one dice that results in a 1 once.
2. Pick the three highest numbers and add them together. Record the result.
3. Repeat this 5 more times.
4. You may only have 2 values at 18, and only 1 that’s less than 8. Reroll any from step 1 that are outside those limits.
5. Once you have your set of six numbers, Assign each one to a specific ability score.

Starting Equipment

During character creation, you begin with the following resources:

  • Level 12 Magic Item
  • Level 11 Magic Item
  • Level 10 Magic Item
  • 5000 gold pieces
    Magic items chosen must be of Common or Uncommon rarity. Magic Items purchased with starting gold must be of Common rarity. No Rare magic items will be allowed at character creation.

Other Notes

Dragonmark feats require the correct race that the mark has manifested on. (See the Dragonmarked Houses page for which races have which marks). If you have a dragonmark, please have a reason why your character is seeking a life of adventure beyond that of their house.

Since the campaign begins with the characters being summoned to Sharn, the City of Towers, it is probably best that they don’t reside their at the start of the campaign. If you really want to and have a good character reason for it, naturally anything is possible. You also might want to consider that they grew up and moved away from Sharn if you’d like to tie things back to the city in some way.

Contacts & Allies

Another new addition to this campaign is that each character will begin with two contacts in the world that can serve as both assistance and potential story hooks for the player characters. To create an interesting story and to prevent munchkin-ing, both the Contact’s profession and how your character met them will be determined randomly with two d20 rolls using the chart below:

Chart 1 – Contact identity or profession:
1. Government Official (Your choice)
2. Black Market Fixer
3. Assassin
4. Sailor
5. Servant to a Noble
6. Reporter
7. Inquisitive
8. Professor
9. Servant to a Dragonmarked House (Your choice)
10. Mundane Item Shop Owner
11. City Guard
12. Bartender/Innkeep
13. Street Urchin
14. Soldier
15. Fellow Adventurer
16. Mobster/Gangster
17. Musician/Entertainer
18. Priest
19. Diplomat
20. Low ranking member of a Dragonmarked House (Your choice)

Chart 2 – Relationship: (You may re-roll on this chart up to twice if you feel that the relationship is outside of your character’s background. ie ‘War buddies’ relationship when you didn’t fight in the war.)
1. Only two survivors of former adventuring company
2. Bounty hunter and prisoner
3. Mentor and apprentice
4. Boss and hired hand
5. Family members
6. Former prison cell-mates
7. Drinking Buddies
8. Former members of a mercenary company
9. Former friends or lovers that fell out
10. Former students of a beloved teacher
11. Childhood Friends
12. War buddies
13. Worshippers of the same god
14. Business partners
15. Former members of the same guild
16. Teacher and Student
17. Former enemies that now work together
18. Members of the same adopted family
19. Rescuer and Rescuee
20. Former Employees of the same Dragonmarked House

Character Questionnaire

  1. How old is your character?
  2. Are your parents still alive? If one or both of your parents are dead when and how did they die? Who raised you if your parents died?
  3. Do you have any siblings? Have any of them died? How?
  4. What do or did your siblings do?
  5. Is your character married? Do they have children?
  6. Beyond family, does your character have any other close ties to people?
  7. What social class is your character from?
  8. How has their upbringing affected their world view?
  9. How and why did your character get started as an adventurer in their chosen class?
  10. You have begun the path to becoming a paragon, what lead you to this path? (How and why did your character pick their Paragon Path?)
  11. Where did your character learn or train their skills?
  12. Does your character have any heroes or inspirational figures?
  13. Does your character have any significant personal items?
  14. Is your character religious?
  15. What is your character’s view on magic?
  16. Has your character ever served in the military?
  17. Has your character ever been arrested? What for?
  18. Has your character ever crossed anyone?
  19. Does your character have any enemies?
  20. What are your character’s goals in life?
  21. How important is the accumulation of wealth?
  22. What is something that your character would always fight for or try to get, over all obstacles?
  23. If your character died tomorrow what would they be remembered for?
  24. And the most important question for an Eberron character: What was your character doing during the Last War?
  25. Any other backstory or details about your character? (Include any details about your character’s two Contacts here if you haven’t included them somewhere above)

Character Creation

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