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  • Devros Shipsail

    A black market fixer who deals in smuggling and acquiring rare and magical goods. Travels a lot but calls Black Pit in the Blackcap Mountains of Northern Breland home.

  • Crukul Droverson

    Former treasurer to the Royal Family of Aundair. Currently operates a small bank and loan operation in Marketplace, Aundair.

  • Tanix

    Tanix is a genius at gathering information. No one knows how many contacts she has tucked away, but somehow she always has a way of finding out exactly whats going on anywhere on Eberron and given a little time can dig up even more details. She's …

  • Watch

    "Watch" or Watcher-IV is a warforged under the employ of Dr. Vaskar. A former Warforged scout during the last war, Watch left the war bitter and confused about the prospects of living in a war where every creature seemed Khyber bent on killing each other. …

  • Dr. Vaskar

    Dr. Vaskar is a name that carries quite a deal of weight in the circles of adventurers. Since the early days of the Last War, Vaskar has had a reputation of finding the greats and making them into the best. A former professor of archaeology and …

  • Jameni Crock

    A former instructor at the Rekkenmark Academy in Karrnath that retired to Breland after the war. Was the controversial advocate of teaching ethics to his students, and the merits of honorable combat. Despite accusations of potential treason due to ' …

  • Trebious Ranenou

    A self proclaimed 'inquisitive' that is determined to get to the truth in all things. That the Dragonmarked houses are actually Argonessan agents in disguise, the Treaty of Thronehold is a code name for a brainwashing device, and many many more. He has …

  • Bane Gnashtar

    Former bounty hunter and Karnnath loyalist who left to sail the sea after feeling betrayed when King Kaius III signed the Treaty of Thronehold.

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