Watch is a smaller warforged, designed less for strength and more for speed. Because of this Watch is less bulky than most standard warforged, having a much more human dimeonsions to the point where it can even wear clothing without issue.

Watch tends to wear formal clothing, coat and tail, befitting that of his employers repertoire, and often acts as Dr. Vaskar’s major domo and assistant. Dr. Vaskar suggested this choice in clothing due to the particular component that Watch has that allows it to view great distances, that happens to take the visage of a telescopic eye that when collapsed looks like a monocle.


“Watch” or Watcher-IV is a warforged under the employ of Dr. Vaskar. A former Warforged scout during the last war, Watch left the war bitter and confused about the prospects of living in a war where every creature seemed Khyber bent on killing each other. Dr. Vasker however saw an opportunity to show Watch the world through the lens of all the possibilities and wonders it had to offer.


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