24 year old female gnome.

Tanix has short spiky greenish hair, stands about 3’ 3".

Normally dresses in baggy casual clothing (human or dwarf sized clothes that she tends to just roll up the sleeves and pant legs on.) But since she doesn’t venture beyond the house much she has a bad habit of strolling around in inappropriate clothing such as tanktops and shorts, or even occassionally nothing but her underwear while she works. She does own some fancy outfits, but no one ever sees her wear them.


Tanix is a genius at gathering information. No one knows how many contacts she has tucked away, but somehow she always has a way of finding out exactly whats going on anywhere on Eberron and given a little time can dig up even more details.

She’s proven extremely adept at tinkering with the House Sivis speaking stones. Boosting their range, creating versions that can transmit images, and whatnot. She has more than once been on the wrong side of the law for abusing that skill to make illegal transmissions.

While she’s very private about what she was doing before coming under the employ of Dr. Vaskar, she is very open about anything else going on in her, your, or any one in town’s life. Has very little modesty or restraint.


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