Dr. Vaskar


An elderly (rumors pin him between 80-150 years old) human male.
He wears an eye patch, has a beard, grey hair that is often messy and unkept.


Dr. Vaskar is a name that carries quite a deal of weight in the circles of adventurers. Since the early days of the Last War, Vaskar has had a reputation of finding the greats and making them into the best. A former professor of archaeology and philosophy at Mograve University, served as a military strategist and instructor for Breland a few years during the Last War (Earning him a reputation as the only Brelish soldier than could give a Rekkenmark general the run for their galifars).

He left the military to become an adventurer, often assembling a group to join him. His name has become synonymous with the mentor of some of the most renown and richest adventurers in the history of Khorvaire. He is even the inspiration for a series of pulp serial stories in various papers that call him “Doctor Adventure”.

Dr. Vaskar

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