Eberron: RISE

Doctor Adventure and the Murder Mystery

Part I: Welcome to Sharn

On an isolated Lightning Rail car, nearly empty in contrast the dozens of heavily packed one, 5 unlikely characters one by one get on the train. A mysterious cloaked figure with an outgoing personality, a somewhat temperamental artificer, a cheerful kenku, a note scribbling and extremely well read elf, and finally a large but kind hearted warforged. All of which were invited to Sharn by one Doctor Vaskar, also known as ‘Doctor Adventure’. Though not all were quite up front about it.

As they arrived in Sharn, they were greeted by Watch, the warforged major domo of Doctor Vaskar. He briefs them that they were called to join the Doctor’s new adventuring team. He also laments that he was a ‘former’ member of a team, and now is simply relegated to being a glorified butler. But the Doctor is his friend and he sticks it out despite lack of pay (it appears that over the past few years the Doctor has sunk millions into investigating the Mournlands) for the sake of friendship.

After arriving in the Deathsgate district, the party is introduced to Tanix… sort of. More so, she is in the kitchen eating without pants, so she says she’ll be up in a moment. So Watch leads the party upstairs to meet the doctor. However, as Watch opens the door and grandly introduces Doctor Vaskar, the party stands in shock to find that the professor is dead.

The party went about looking around the study for any indication of how this could have happened. Discovering a small hole in the back of Vaskar’s head and a matching hole in the glass window behind him. Watch immediately puts Tanix, the only person in the house, on ‘house arrest’ in suspicion but Rin doesn’t believe she did it. Sha-Karn peers through the hole and establishes a few potential sniping spots. Discussing with Watch, they find out a few things: the list of enemies the Doctor had was long, that he had been contacted by the Mograve University about a missing colleague, The party decides to split up, with Sha-Karn, Dusk and Pino Kino investigating the rooftops where the killer could have been perched, and Rin and Brann looking into the house’s defenses and Dr. Vaskar’s notes.

Rin and Brann head back to the study to investigate the security wards, finding that while the wards were not broken, they were clearly deactivated. Watch explained that the only ones who had access to turning the wards on and off were him and the Doctor. Rin also starting sifting through the notes on the desk, and after finding a large tome of random chicken scratch notes about the Mournlands, Rin takes the book and places it in her bag. Watch mentions the business Locke & Key from which they acquired the security wards might be a place to investigate as well, and mentions the owner Mr. Locke and his wife Emilia.

Meanwhile, on the nearby roof of a tavern, the rest of the party investigates. They find definite traces of some foot prints, looking like whoever made them was dragging their feet in long strides across the ground. Next to the foot prints, there were three narrow lines of something else being dragged along in the dirt, possibly some manner of tripod. Sha-Karn tries to detect any arcane energies and is immediately shocked by the overpowering left over energies of whatever was done here. So potent that he was able to establish a trail of the energy departing the scene and back through the city. They decide to inquire some of the local homeless about anyone they may have seen, and learn of a description of a coat wearing man who had “five legs – two normal and three teeny tiny ones” who also had a lumpy hunchback. The party deduces that this was probably the culprit carrying some weapon under the coat. They regroup back at the Doctor’s house to plan their next move.

As the group got back together and shared what they learned, and then decide to follow the arcane trail that Sha-Karn discovered. This lead them to a sky carriage station, where they found that in the rough window of when they could say the death happened there were three possible locations that the coated, five-legged, hunchbacked man could have gone: The Menthis Plateau, The Cogs, or Lower Tavick’s Landing. They decided to investigate in what they felt was the most suspicious order. The Cogs turned out to be a dead end, and so did Lower Tavick’s Landing, and finally upon arriving, they found a torrent of magical energy. Possibly not the one they were looking for, or possibly it was just drowned in the copious amount of insane magical power in the area, either way it seemed to all be traced back to one singular location: Mograve University.

Experience Gained for Session: 720 XP.



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