Eberron: RISE


Pino Kino vs the World

Sha Karn, trying to look out above ground, doesn’t see anything.

Dusk and Sha Karn have a moment of lucidity, and think to look for other keyholes. Scouring each room, they don’t find anything until they each the tapestry room. While inspecting them, the group notices a that the depiction of the keyhole on the tapestry is the same size as the actual key – even though the door is scaled down for the image. Dusk inserts the key into the tapestry, and it enters a magical hole. We hear mechanisms click and whirl behind the doors.

Sha Karn runs to the other room and finds the door is, in fact, open, and there’s another crystal on a platform like in the opposite room. He calls out to the others, but before they make it to him, he touches the crystal.

A couple of stair cases appear in newly opened doorways, which lead down to a magical “lab” above the rift portal.

As we arrive, two decayed, large, bird-headed humanoid creatures appear from two crystals on the edge of the room. They seemed whispy and ethereal, and after a couple strikes, it became apparent that they would resist damage from our physical realm. Luckily, the crystals also allowed us to cross into their pocket dimension.

We fight them till they dead.



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