Eberron: RISE


Solving puzzles LIKE A BOSS

During our little rest, Brann notices that the historical tome of the giants has had its latter half ripped off and taken. The last pages refer to the dragons granting gifts and the “dream monsters” fighting them. Dusk thinks the dream part refers to the Quori, a race from the plane of dreams, Dal Quor.

Not getting a lot of answer, the group goes to investigate the other un-investigated room. In it is a single table with a sundial. Around it is inscribed (in giant) the message “An eternity is but a moment.” Around the upper edge of the room in a track with a glowing crystal, which illuminates a time onto the clock. There’s also a door adorned with a crystal surrounded with lightning bolts and a keyhole in the middle.

Dusk takes the key from the previous room and cautiously uses it on the door. Everyone is electrocuted.

Singed and annoyed, the group times out what time the sundial will read in 10 minutes. Using the watch from No-Name, they all return to the tapestry room, wait until the clock reads 10 that minutes have passed, and time entering the corresponding time. The door opens!

In the last room is a throne and a table. The table has a bunch of coins and a large chalice. Sitting in the throne is a skeleton of obsidian – it’s a human with a bird-like head. Rin notices that there’s some kind of enchantment on the chalice, and figures out that it reacts to blood. Reva volunteers to fill it with her blood. Rin can tell that something magical echoed out from the chalice, but nothing visible has changed.

With a spot of insight, Rin solves the riddle – a “coin” in the king’s cup is a small amount of life force (blood) versus a “coffer” to the crypt (enough of your life to kill you). With the chalice full of blood, she thinks the door will now open. Still not wanting to risk an arm, she uses a cane (from her magic robe) and turns the handle. The door opens!

Inside isn’t a full room. There’s just a small room with an alter. Floating above it isa purple, arcaney crystal. Dusk recognizes that it emanates with magic from Dolurrh. As the group tries to figure out what to do with it, Sha Karn grabs it with both hands. He can’t move it, but it seems to “activate” in some way.

The group tries the electric door again thinking it might also be deactivated now. It was not.



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