Eberron: RISE


Ancient Giant Death Pit

Investigating the House Cannith dig site massacre, the group has trouble identifying what exactly could have killed them. However, they find a book – a journal of one of the workers – that indicates that the excavation site found their “big treasure,” but whatever was down there was trapped.

Very carefully, the group descends down a 30 foot hole to the top of some black, shiny stairs, which they discover are actually metal, and seemingly of Giant origin. Even more carefully, we go about 50 feet down the stairs to the bottom.

At the bottom, there’s a doorway to big octagonal room with 8 very old warforged. More careful looking around finds that there are two hallways, and Dusk sees something in the middle of the room in the left hall. In that room, the group finds a single warforged on a central pedestal. There are two doors: One is a plain, double door with handles; the other is metal with a big skull and flame engraving and a single hole with a handle in it. The decorated door also has an inscription in Giant: “A Coin to the King’s Cup, or a Coffer to the Crypt.”

Rin throws a coin in the hole, which clanks around with no results. After promising to not do anything impulsive again, she shoves her old longbow and turns the handle. There’s a loud crunch and other noises, and her longbow is snapped in half inside the whole. Also, the group notices that the warforged rotated and is now looking at the door, though still inactive.

The group backtracks to the other room. There’s a big pool of black liquid in the middle of the room with a silver key in it. Reva tries to snag it with a net from Rin, but the water comes to life and swings a tentacle at her, teleporting her into a crush pool of water. After some struggles, Dusk snatches the key and Reva swims her way out. We GTFO.

We go back to the room with two doors and go in the plain double doors. That room has four tapestries depicting 4 scenes:

  • Dragons handing bolt of lightning to Giants below
  • Row of Giants assaulting a twisting spire, storming toward it
  • Electrocuted Drow with lockpicks flying around, and another Drow holding up a white key
  • A pair of giants, one with a whip, and both holding chains that hold a bird-headed human

The room also has a door with 3 large dials in an inverted triangle. The top left has 12 ticks, the top right has 12 major ticks with 4 sub-ticks between them, and the bottom has a sun and a moon. It also has an inscription in Giant: “An empire is eternal, a ruler is but a moment.”

The group tries to enter the current time, but the room spews out poisonous gas that packs quite a punch. The party takes a moment to stop and regain their composure.



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