Eberron: RISE


Into the Valley

As the group prepares a makeshift grave for No-Name, Sha-Karn notices a shadowy figure nearby watching from behind the rocks. Dusk and Brann make a brief distraction, and Dusk teleports over to ambush the figure. It is an athletic female dragonborn, dressed in furs and hides. After the ambush, she introduces herself as Reva, and she claims to mean no harm. She is a traveller, an adventure seeker, who says she saw the party entering the “No Man’s Land” and it piqued her interest. Knowing that we’re in the market for a new guide, we ask her to join us to help us get back to

Rin writes down what she saw of No-Name’s memories, and tells the group through a touching tribute. She mentions that a man from House Cannith was in the group that No-Name brought there in the past, and Brann recognizes him as the ex-leader of House Cannith – Starrin d’Cannith, the Gorgon.

Looking closely at the Professor’s map, they discover an elaborate tracking rune hidden on the back; the professor likely knows exactly where the group is.

Behind the closest ziggurat, the group sees some tents. Rin and Reva scout out the area while Dusk summons a small planar ally to investigate. It appears that a Cannith adventuring party was killed there in some fashion long ago, but their bodies are perfectly preserved. Dusk also sends another planar ally with the map to set up a decoy camp to try to throw off the professor.

The group finally investigates the central ziggurat. Inside, there are bodies (also very well preserved) of giants, and they’re laying out on ceremonial slabs. Upstairs, Rin finds one in particular who looks like he’s dressed in unusually ceremonial garb. Brann identifies him as looking exactly like the first emporer of the giant empire. Rin also swipes a book, which may fetch quite a bit of gold.

Brann notices a slab in the base of the ziggurat. Sha-Karn phases through, only to find there’s a dark portal at the base of a long pit, and it’s sucking him down toward it. Hearing muffled cries, the group struggles to remove the slab. After rescuing Sha-Karn, Dusk tells the group that this is a breach – a hole in the planes between the natural world and Dolurrh, the shadow realm.

Dusk finds out from his benefactors that this breach is being held open by some kind of unnatural “wedge.” Whatever it is, he suspects its whatever Starrin was after – and it’s probably just the thing the professor is after.



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