Eberron: RISE


Jungle Fever

We retire from the casino and spend the night in an inn. Sha-Karn receives a gift from Skalmad (a magic dagger), which he takes (and tries to pass off his old piece of crap dagger as the gift).

The next morning, Sha-Karn, Dusk, Rin, and Pino Kino go to Major Miner’s to get our promised – six big, 30-pound packs of supplies – and 6 “Clawfangs.” Meanwhile, Brann acquires a tome to help him learn to speak giant. A young man bumps into Rin and hands him a note that she “dropped.” As the group heads to the South Gate, Rin heads somewhere on a quick errand, and Sha-Karn follows her sneakily… but poorly. Confronting him, Rin asks for him to trust her to have her privacy, but he doesn’t necessarily buy it. Giving in, she lets him go with her to a book shop in an alley where she asks the guy at the counter if her ritual scrolls are ready. Sha-Karn helps him retrieve them, and he learns they are for the Sending ritual.

Meeting up with No-Name, he gives Dusk a small pocket watch, which he says is always correct. The group sets off for Final Rest.


8 days later, we come across a 200 foot wide chasm. No-Name and his Clawfang leaps across (with some teleporting help) and makes it across. Rin and Dusk coax their Clawfangs to make the jump. Brann, Sha-Karn, and Pino Kino attempt to fashion a make shift bridge out of trees and ropes. They make it across with 2 of their 3 Clawfangs, but none of their packs. Sha-Karn, Dusk, and Pino Kino make a trek back to the narrower part of the chasm, spending a few more hours to get everything they left. Brann leaves a trail of rock towers for them to catch up, and the group reunites a bit later.

That night, Pino Kino oddly has an odd “dream” that he was a giant play chasing a girl giant. When he “wakes up,” his hands are around Brann’s neck. Brann throws him off, and wakes the rest of the group. Sensing no magic cause, they entertain some theories (mindflayers are mentioned) but come up empty.

Several more days pass, and the group finds a trampled down path. Rin is able to detect trace amounts of the same necromantic energy from the boat, but other natural signs indicate they came through a couple days ago. No-Name thinks they’re heading to Sulatar territory, and the gang’s path under the mountains should get them to the Valley of Shadows before the army.

Finally, the group makes it to a mountain pass. Fire and lava atop the mountains indicate that we’ve made it to the fire giants’ territory. No-Name leads the group to a secret passage, and leads them through a dark, winding series of tunnels. Eventually, No-Name directs them the rest of the way, but goes off another to “hold them off.” Racing carefully through the rest of the path, the group eventually makes it out of the tunnels into a clearing: The Valley of Shadows is ahead, thick with a fog similar to that of the Mournlands.

With a cough, a very injured No-Name exits the tunnels. He reveals that he was exiled for leading a party of outsiders to the Valley of Shadows in the past. His name was Xenias. As he collapses, Dusk and Rin comfort him. Rin performs a final ritual to see several of the most important events of his life. His induction into his brotherhood. Accepting the mission from the adventuring party in the past, one of whom is from House Cannith. Presenting a box of his wealth to a woman, who is horrified by what he has done to attain it. And finally, chained up before a regal, king figure, who exiles him for his betrayal.

And with that, No-Name – the exiled Xenias – dies.



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