Eberron: RISE


Casino Royale

At the House Cannith storefront, we annoy the clerk. Automaton guards block Rin from following Brann.

In the back room, Brann is immediately pinned by warforged guards. Brann bluffs, but the House Cannith dude sees right through his ruse, and identifies Brann. The dude dismisses Brann’s concerns regarding the necromancers outright – they’re just a regular old weapons dealer.

After some debate, we go back into the main part of the city and look for a guide. We talk to Major Minor (and his son Minor Minor) who tell us they won’t possibly fund an expedition to the Valley of Shadows. However, Skalmad has a slave who is an exiled Sulatar (drow) from the region called “No Name” who may be able to help us… if we can get to him.

Sha-Karn, Brann, and Dusk head to the Church of the Silver Flame to get their help because we’re both a) trying to infiltrate Skalmad’s operation, and b) we’re aligned in being anti-necromantic army. The priest on call tells us Skalmad is based out of an illicit casino on the docks – and the rest of his operation is likely concealed carved into the adjourning cliffs.

Meanwhile, Rin and Pino Kino head to the docks to find some of Skalmad’s workers and do some recon. Rin flirts up a guard, who offers to give her a special tour of the casino (wink wink). She stays by the entrance to do recon, and Pino Kino finds the others to bring them down to the casion, too.

Upon meeting up and trading stories, the group heads to the casino, too. Dusk and Brann make a fantastic distraction. Sha-Karn pokes his head through the door and sees people working – it’s definitely the right place. After the debacle, everyone joins Rin in her invisible candle bubble where we wait for the casino to open.

A few hours later, the place finally opens. Sha-Karn, through trial and error, learns that a 25 gold cover will get you in the door. Rin, through not-so-trial-and-error, gets the guard she met to walk her in. Brann storms to the door saying he’s looking for his wife – when he starts to get a little to rogh with them, Dusk runs up and interjects (wingman-like, if you will) and pays off the guard to let them look around.

Inside, Rin makes it into the VIP area and sees a fat, “Jabba the Hut”-like guy who she’s told is Skalmad. At the tables, Brann overhears some high rollers saying Skalmad is a dragon. He also learns from the bartender that a Drow is working in the fighting rings.

Rin seduces and knocks out the guard, assuming his identity and leaving him in a supply closet. She leaves and rejoins the group, then leads them to the back to hang out until the casino closes. However, in the arena, No Name corners the group and confronts Rin. She tells him the group is there to rescue him, but before they can speak in private, Skalmad yells at them and blows their cover.

Called out for their shady dealings, Rin and Brann try to bluff their way into his good graces, and manage to get into the VIP area (out of the open arena). Just as they’re making their final play, the priests of the Silver Flame burst in to fight with us. Skalmad throws his battle axe at the priest, killing (or at least maiming) him. It’s game time!



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