Eberron: RISE


Slumming it in Stormreach

The professor’s ship, the Silver Hydra, was due to arrive a day ago, but never made dock. We deduce that it might also be delayed by the dragon ships.

Buying a telescope, we see several ships on the horizon about a day out.

There’s a Mob boss named Skalmad who is using his money and influence to extort money from the traders in the harbor/marketplace. The Church of the Silver Flame has hired adventurers to take him out, but most of them die, and the survivors say he can’t be killed.

We played a “tell the truth or drink” game. Some of our lighter secrets aired out.

Dusk bought a map!

We waited overnight for the other ships to come in. Come early morning, one makes it in and crashes into… nothing? Flickering into visibility is the Silver Hydra, apparently cloaked by some magical devices. We investigate the ship, weapons drawn, noting that there’s a dark magical energy about the place. We immediately find a bunch of empty weapon crates on the lower deck. Trying to find the magic’s source (and the source of a rank odor), we descend further into the ship, only to find the scene of a massacre: blood, guts, but only a few bones. (Sha karn vomits.) In the center is a dark black necromatic circle. There’s an army of skeletons on the loose!

Brann warns our pirate friends about what’s up, and he sends them on their way.

We head to House Cannith and ask some pretty blunt, dumb questions. When they ask us to leave, Brann shows them his dragonmark, and a serious, threatening man asks to speak to him in the back. *cough*trap*cough*



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