Eberron: RISE


On the High Seas

Messed around on the boat a while. Dusk tried to fly, Sha-Karn made that happen, hilarity ensues.

Pino Kino and Brann had a heart-to-heart and came to a luke-warm understanding that they’re in this together. It was only kinda heart-warming.

Sha-Karn tries to get into an off-limits area in the lower deck, but he’s told to scram, and he doesn’t honestly try that hard.

Brann talked to Bane and were chummy and upfront about their past history. Bane said he’d warn Brann if anybody had it out for him. Brann promised to send him work if he happened to learn of any high risk ventures for him.

Sha-Karn and Dusk get pretty good at fishing.

Morning of the 4th day at sea: The crew is giving us the stink eye. Brann asks Captain Bane what’s the matter. Apparently dragons and their dragon ships are out and being menacing. Crew is mad that we’ve diverted them into danger. We decide to go around the dragons, which gets us to Stormreach 1 to 1.5 days after the Professor. (The crew stops being dicks to us again once they realize we do actually kinda care about their well-being.)

The rest of the trip was uneventful.

Now at the dock in Stormreach, we’re looking to get back on the professor’s scent. We know what ship he arrived on, so we may be able to get leads from that. We know where he’s likely going, so we can head that way, too. We may be able to get some info from guides or caravans he might have employed. And we know House Cannith is involved, so we could check out their local headquarters.



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