Two years…
Two years since the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold,
Two years since the end of war.
But does war ever end?
Or does it simply shift battlegrounds?
Dragonmarked Houses plot and scheme for monetary gain,
Governments prepare in an shadowy arms race out of fear of their neighbors,
and all the while things are shifting and moving in the dark.

In the center of the storm stands you, young adventurer.
You who holds the power to secure this peace or bring it to ruin.
To protect the innocent or just try to make enough coin to keep the bar tab in the black.
You’re a hero to some, on the path to becoming a paragon of your world.
To others you are the villain.
It’s a careful line to walk, young adventurer. It’s dangerous and challenging.
But perhaps everything you ever sought lies just beyond the horizon,
just past the next choice, and your next adventure.
Only the Draconic Prophecy knows.

Just remember, adventurer. Heroes are not born. They RISE.

Eberron: RISE

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